Revisiting yesterday with
technologies of tomorrow

Kuala Lumpur - 160 Years of Architecture was an interactive showcase that celebrated the architectural marvels which have graced the skylines of Kuala Lumpur for over one and a half century. With this being a homage to our very own city, we spared no expenses in making this project truly one of its kind.

This model was crafted from 3D-printed materials and acrylic cut-out, built to a 1:3300 scale. The content was stored in a server and brought to life via a touchscreen monitor. A WUXGA laser powered the projection, and it was paired with a high-grade 2mm mirror for reflection. By using a mirror to create the projection mapping, we managed to reduce the overall height of the 'table' by half, making it discreet and versatile.

This interactive presentation was a tribute to the spellbinding beauty of Kuala Lumpur, and it truly became a milestone that helped us get a glimpse of the past so that we could take a step forward.

  • Role Creative & Art Direction, UX & UI design, structure design & build.
  • Completion 2019

"The story of Kuala Lumpur, spanning over 160 years, is one that is steeped in history, evolution and progression. Its growth from a muddy estuary to the world-class metropolitan that it is today saw the face of this bustling city undergo a multitude of tremendous transformation. Over time, the architecture that gives Kuala Lumpur its iconic identity has become part of the fabric that defines this city."