A Trailblazing Approach To Fitness

The Brief

Fire Fitness was looking to open a second gym in town, and this time, they wanted something bigger, better and even more bold. This new site comprised 3 complete studios, and one of the main requirements was to have sufficient shower stalls and WCs to accommodate the gym comfortably even when it was at its maximum capacity.

The Challenge

Because the brand was still a passion project of the client and personally financed then, we had to work with a shoestring budget.

The Solution

To keep the cost low while giving the gym unique visual elements to call its own, we came up with the idea of upcycling discarded bicycles into a signature piece installation. We also had to dig deep to repurpose affordable construction materials, for instance, we utilised red bricks to inject an industrial and raw energy into the space; we acquired kilos of washers and hung them on a grid wall of nails to create a montage that forms an image; we chiselled the walls and exposed the original finish to form the logo; and we cleverly placed mirrors at the treadmill section to generate an illusion of speed.

To maximise the usage of the space, we also equipped two of the three studios with a cat ladder and mezzanine stand to accommodate DJs during private events and parties.

The Result

The combination of raw, creative installations and industrial design gave this Fire Fitness gym a unique visual brand that has stood the test of time. And yes, of course it has ample shower stalls and WCs for everyone.

  • Role Complete Design & Build
  • Completion 2017