A Fitting Tribute To A Pacesetter

Located in Desa Parkcity, Fire Fitness’ third instalment as the country’s trendsetting gym gave us the opportunity to do something outstanding due to its unique oval floorplate and high visibility to the visitor from the moment they turn into the parking lot of the township.

We knew we had to come up with a concept that would engage with the visitors from the first sight while doing justice to the layout.

So, we rigged a light installation that fans around the unit above the ceiling, and it would illuminate in a fanning or random motion that synchronised with the frequencies it captured. This installation was a true reflection of the brand as it looked truly out of this world and one of its kind.

On top of that, we fitted 5 shower cubicles and 2 vanity counters that seamlessly blended into the unusual layout. And because the unit was enveloped by full-length windows, we also introduced several intelligent installations that provided appropriate masking while ensuring a smoother and more efficient traffic flow for the members.

  • Role Complete Design & Build
  • Completion 2019