A regional undertaking
for a global brand

After Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv had rebranded Hunter Douglas, the brand faced difficulties adapting to the Asian market because of differences in product line-ups, go-to-market strategies, languages, collateral formats and so on. We studied and dissected the brand guide from the US, reworked the components and expanded on it based on the requirements of the Southeast Asian markets. Because Malaysia is the regional HQ of the brand, our version of the brand guide was then distributed to all Hunter Douglas’ offices in SEA.

Aside from that, we also developed a Merchandising Guide for Hunter Douglas’ retail stores, which included recommended zoning, construction material, finishes, product display, signages, lighting and furniture. This guide was completed alongside the brand’s pilot retail store in TTDI.

  • Role Art Direction, Copywriting, Design.
  • Completion 2016