A Modular Solution To An Improbable Challenge

In 2017, we were tasked to reinvigorate Magnum 4D outlets using our expertise in interior design and fitting, as part of a bigger rebranding exercise together with Geometry Global Malaysia.

The Challenges

Closing the stores for deployment of our work became our biggest challenge as that would mean lost revenues for the agents. On top of that, we were given only several months of turnaround time for a nationwide exercise, and we had to work around the inconsistency in space as Magnum 4D stores came in different sizes and layout plans.

Our Approach

We designed modular elements - each pre-fabricated in our factory - that could be retrofitted into any space, giving the clients extreme flexibility in ensuring visual consistency despite the inconsistency in shop sizes. This removed our deployment problem as well, because the installers could just pick up the stocks from our regional warehouse and conduct an overnight installation.

Among the items we created were the modular counter, the modular suspended side stations, construction drawings of the signage, an anti-theft iPad result scanner, as well as the guidelines for installation and maintenance.

This project was a huge success given the time and budget, and it was all down to precise planning, our modular approach and standard terminations that were carefully executed to achieve bulk fabrication.

  • Role Interior brand guide, tender documentation & BQ, dsesign & build for all selected pilot outlets.
  • Completion 2018