A Stroke of Blessing

The Brief

We were tasked by Wing Heong, one of the renowned pioneers of Chinese dried meat in Malaysia to launch a Gift-with-Purchase campaign during the Chinese New Year period.

The Campaign

We decided to tell a compelling story instead of just rolling out a run-of-the-mill GWP campaign. So, we collaborated with one of the most popular contemporary calligraphers in the country, Chia Koon, and leveraged on his skillset to make our gifts even more sought-after and meaningful.

Together with Chia Koon, we introduced our series of limited-edition chopstick gift sets. Because the kanji for the word ‘chopsticks’ is 箸, which carries the the same homonym as 祝, which means ‘to bless’, each set of our chopsticks featured the calligraphy work of Chia Koon that perfectly embodied the earnest blessings from one heart to another.

Each gift set was intricately crafted and put together to deliver the sender’s heartfelt blessings in the sincerest form. From the elegant box to the high-quality chopsticks and the gorgeous Ang Pow packets, these limited-edition gift sets were truly the quintessential souvenirs of that Chinese New Year.

  • Role Creative and art direction, packaging design, microsite design
  • Completion 2018

"It is like a dance in which the artist has three partners: the brush, the paper, and the ink. The rhythm and flow are controlled through the character size, the contrast between light and dark, and the speed of application of the strokes.""